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. registration of candidates starts on sunday, kicking off election campaigning. three hopefuls have already said they're ready for the job. pak is ahead in the opinion polls. she's a daughter of former president. she's aiming to be the country's first woman president. moon was a close aide to the late president. a software entrepreneur, aung gained fame for his anti-virus programs. some call him the bill gates of south korea. representatives of both moon and aung have been talking about joining forces. polls suggest their only chance against pak is to agree on a unified candidacy. moon and aung held their first and only televised debate on wednesday to decide who should go up against pak. >> translator: i think i'm the best prepared candidate for those who want to run for president because of my experience in national politics. >> moon criticized aung for his lack of political experience, saying he's better suited to lead the country. aung responded by saying that south korean politics needs to change and that he is the one who can do that. >> translator: one citizen told me i should run for pre
politics over the next few weeks. the official campaign for their presidential election is about to begin. the latest polls suggest it will come down to a one-on-one race between the nominees of the ruling party and the main opposition. seven people registered their candidacy for the december 19th election. the main candidates are park geun-hye of the governing saenuri party and moon jae-in of the opposition democratic united party. a weekend opinion poll by public broadcaster kbs suggests nearly 42% of respondents support park geun-hye and about 40% back moon jae-in. whoever wins must address diplomatic relations with an important neighbor, japan. things have been a little rocky because of a territorial dispute. japan claims islands in the waters separating the nations, but south korea controls the territory. and both candidates say that's not up for negotiation. still, park says japan is an important friend. she wants to increase economic cooperation. moon says leaders of both countries should make efforts to prevent the past from hindering ties. but he's firmer on certain cases. he say
presidential elections. >> kengo, park and moon running neck and neck. what are south koreans looking for in their next leader? >> yes, shery. their biggest concern is growing economic equality. they blame congress glom rats. these groups or big companies dominate south korea's economy. critics say they made it hard for smaller companies to succeed. moon has said one solution is to reintroduce limits on how conglomerates can invest. he says that would create room for smaller companies to grow. >> and what does park say? she's known to be more conservative. >> yeah. that's right. as far as these powerful groups of allied companies are concerned, park favors the strength to keep their growth in check. but she says they are large employers that play an important role in the economy. she says improving conditions for workers and supporting weak members of society are two of her goals. >> and of course north korea a key issue in south korean politics. what are the candidates' positions on pyongyang? >> yes. that's a big question. both want to see relations improve. moon favors a proactive
cairo. some of them helped elect morsi. security forces stormed the square wednesday and fired tear gas. protesters threw stones. one of them told nhk they will demonstrate until morsi reverses his decision or resigns. the president announced constitutional amendments last week making it impossible for judicial courts to overturn his decisions. the protests against him have spread to other cities in egypt. demonstrators reportedly clashed with supporters of morsi's party, the muslim brotherhood. many people are believed to have been injured. these are the latest public demonstrations morsi has faced since he took office in june. >>> two car bombs have exploded in damascus in the eastern district. syrian's state media described the blasts as -- the second bomb went off when people gathered for the first blast. the activists blamed government forces for the bombings, claiming that most of the victims were civilian. fighting has intensified in syria. government troops responded with fierce air attacks in towns around the air base. a london human rights group says 40,000 people have been ki
candidate ahn cheol-soo has given up his bid in next month's presidential election. he made way for moon jae-in of the democratic united party. ahn made the announcement friday at his campaign office in seoul. >> translator: i am giving up my presidential candidacy. my fellow citizens, our sole candidate is cheng. we need all your support. >> ahn apologized to his supporters but said his standing against moon would not be good for the people. ahn and moon were in talks aimed at selecting a single candidate between them for the upcoming election, but they failed to reach an agreement. one of the two needed to compromise, and he was the one to do so. ahn was a former software entrepreneur. he was popular with young voters and others not affiliated with the national party. he visited colleges across south korea and spoke to students facing high unemployment. moon will challenge the ruling party's front-runner park geun-hye in a one-on-one battle for the presidency. park is leading the polls ahead of next month's election. >>> a cease-fire between israeli militants appears to be holding. no majo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5